Furniture Hire Guide

Furniture Hire Guide from Event Hire UK

You might think that hiring furniture is straightforward, and from Event Hire UK it is.  However, there are certain things you need to look out which are outlined below.

1. Consider Your Type Of Event

The furniture hire you need for a wedding is completely different to the furniture you need for a conference - it goes without saying.  So, choose the style of furniture that best matches your event. 

2. Ensure You Choose A Furniture Hire Company Close To You

Choose a company to hire furniture from which is the other end of the country, and you will find that you will be charged high transport fees.  If you think about it, furniture is generally not small and so it can't be posted!  Therefore, hire furniture is usually transported by trucks or vans so naturally the further you are away from the depot location, the more the transport charges will be.  By working with a national event hire company with multiple outlets, whether you want to hire furniture in London, the Midlands or the North, you can be sure that our delivery and collection fees will be reasonable and competitively priced being as we have existing depots in these locations from which your order will be processed.

3. Make Sure Your Furniture Hire Company Can Commit To Delivering To You In Busy Periods

The true test for an event hire company comes in the busy summer and Christmas periods.  This is where demand is at its peak and all pieces of hire furniture are in demand across the country.  Large national event hire companies such as Event Hire UK have large inventories of furniture hire, meaning that even during peak periods, it is possible to supply clients for weddings and private occasions.  Availability is key, especially when you are planning events.  Yes, it's always best to book as far in advance as possible.  However, event planning isn't quite as easy as this, as numbers change right up to the day of the event.  Work with a large national company and the chances are that they will be able to service your requirements better than a small local event hire company, simply due to the quantities of furniture hire products they hold.

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