Dance Floor Hire Guide

Dance Floor Hire Guide from Event Hire UK

Hiring a dance floor can seem like a complicated process, but hiring temporary dance floors for events through Event Hire UK couldn't be simpler.

1. Work Out The Area You Want Your Dance Floor To Cover

To make your life easier, and to provide you with EXACTLY what you want when it comes to temporary dance floor hire , Event Hire UK offer dance floors in interlocking panels.  That's great, you might think, as they are easily transportable.  But how is that good for me?  Well, the main benefit in doing this is that your dance floor size becomes fully flexible in so much as that YOU can decide how big you want your dance floor to be and not be determined by any pre-fabricated dance floor sizes.  In other words, take a look at your venue, consider the number of guests you are expecting and measure the area of dance floor that you need.  Then you can simply let us know as we will be able to calculate exactly how many panels you need for your temporary dance floor.  Event Hire UK offers white dance floor rental, hire black and white temporary dance floors and hire parquet dance floors, all of which come in slightly different panel sizes, and so it's easiest for you to let us know the dimensions of your ideal dance floor, and we will provide you with the price you need based on the number of panels.

2. Most Events Need Dance Floor Hire So Book Ahead!

Everyone loves to dance at a party and so dance floor hire is perfect for wedding receptions, wedding anniversary parties, birthday parties, Christmas party nights at hotels, after-conference hospitality parties and much more.  Work with a leading event hire specialist such as Event Hire UK who will be able to provide you with exactly what you are looking for, but always aim to book as far ahead as possible.  Demand for temporary dance floors hire is particularly strong in the summer and around Christmas time simply due to the large volume of party-type events taking place, and so always aim to book as far ahead as possible if you can.

3. Will Your Dance Floor Hire Company Set Up The Dance Floor for You?

Event Hire UK will if that is what you need!  Whilst the interlocking panels are designed to be simple and easy to construct, as part of our supply and set-up service, our teams will be happy to help out wherever possible - just let us know your requirements in advance.  We like to think of ourselves more of a partner company rather than merely a supplier, and so we will work with you to make your event hire experience as seamless as possible.

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