Catering Equipment Hire Guide

Catering Equipment Hire Guide from Event Hire UK

The hire of catering equipment is one of the most crucial part of the event planning process which you need to get right.

1. Do You Need To Hire Professional Mass Catering Equipment Or Smaller Equipment For Kitchen Cooking Hire?

Like most event equipment hire products, your requirements will be very much dependent upon the type and size of the event you are planning so think carefully about what you will need and what food you are offering to your guests.   Large scale event organisers will be looking for professional catering equipment hire such as hot cupboards, burners, ovens and jack stacks, for example - in other words, everything you would expect to find in a professional kitchen to enable chefs to produce high-quality food in a temporary location, or even in a pre-existing professional kitchen that requires supplementary equipment for larger-than-normal events.  By the same token, you might be simply looking for smaller kitchen cooking equipment such as toasters, microwaves and griddles, for example, which you need to cater for a family birthday party, for example.  Whatever you are looking for when it comes to equipment for cooking hire - both professional and private - Event Hire UK can help as we have it all!

2. Hire Modern & Up-To-Date Catering Equipment

Always ensure that you hire catering equipment in good condition, and this is something that you can do through Event Hire UK.  We invest in the latest technology and efficient equipment to ensure that you receive up to date and modern kitchen equipment, perfect for your immediate use at your event.  Smaller companies might hire older equipment in not-so-great condition and so be wary of this when making your decision.

3. Ensure Your Hire Company Checks Your Catering Equipment Hire Products Prior To Dispatch

Any reputable event hire company will ensure electrical equipment is PAT tested prior to dispatch and so this is a question for companies when you are looking around for comparisons on equipment, ranges and prices.  Always ask pertinent questions when it comes to hiring catering equipment.  Event Hire UK's dedicated sales advisors will be able to answer any questions you have when it comes to kitchen cooking equipment hire and, indeed, any other event equipment hire for your event.  



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