Blog post Trestle tables are useful for many types of events
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Trestle tables are useful for many types of events

July 10, 2015

You wouldn't think that trestle tables have that many uses - after all, these are in essence rectangular tables with folding legs.

Firstly, the fact that trestle tables have folding legs makes them ideal for hiring.  Why?  Because, for tables, trestle tables are lightweight, and the folding legs allows them to be easily stored, transported and erected at the event location.

Rent Trestle Tables For Events

So, what sort of events would need to hire trestle tables? 

Top tables at weddings will need to hire rectangular trestle tables, garage sales, graduation ceremonies where gowns and hats need to be readily accessible for high volumes of students, trade shows, exhibitions, garden fetes, restaurants, parties, Christmas Day lunch at home with the family....the list goes on.

Combined with tablecloths and other linen products, you can make the humble trestle table look fantastic and their versatility is certainly something that many event organisers take advantage of.

So, when organising your forthcoming event, hire trestle tables from the furniture hire uk experts here at Event Hire UK! 

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