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Polling station furniture hire for elections

January 6, 2015

And so it begins.  Now Christmas is over, we can all look forward to a ramping up of campaigns by the various UK political parties as we head towards the General Election date of 7th May 2015.

Furniture Hire For Polling Stations At Election Time

With this in mind, Event Hire UK has already started booking out furniture for various polling stations across the country, liaising with a variety of councils who are busy planning how they are going to manage their polling stations effectively.

But what event hire equipment might come in useful for polling stations?  Firstly, it is important to hire tables so that people can actually cast their vote.  Most polling stations will use rectangular tables, usually polytop tables hire which don't need any covers.  By the same token, chair hire is also needed for the various volunteers in the polling stations and for visitors.

By the same token, it is important to ensure that a degree of secrecy is guaranteed to ensure that people can cast their vote in private and so office screen hire might also be in your list.

And finally, amongst other equipment hire, you might want to hire tensabarriers as these are ideal for crowd and queue management, especially in large venues, enabling you to safely manage large volumes of people who will hopefully show on election day.

Wherever your polling station and whatever size it is, Event Hire UK can help so get in contact today to book your event equipment hire in advance.

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