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Office furniture hire is versatile

August 21, 2015

Office furniture hire is one of those categories of hire equipment which is very often used in a variety of instances, not simply for temporary office spaces.

Yes, temporary office space requires office furniture in the form of desks, tables and executive chairs, but where else might you find office furniture hire products on location?

Office Furniture Hire Is Versatile

Let’s take the example of some of our events this year.  For instance, at the General Election, the Event hire team installed a number of vote counting centre which required trestle tables as well as a number of office dividing screens for privacy as well as executive chairs for those people overseeing the counting.

At the Royal International Tattoo, for example, because of the size of the event, temporary office space was required for the event planning team, operations and logistics team to co-ordinate both in the build up to the day and during the event itself.  In other words, the event organisers themselves used office furniture hire products.  At the same time, an event such as this is an ideal event for networking for major clients in the aviation industry, and so desks, tables and conference tables were in use during the event.  And, at the entrance to one of the major client pavilions, a stunning reception banking unit was in-situ from Event Hire UK, providing guests with a highly professional and stylish entrance foyer.

So, the versatility of office furniture hire products should never be underestimated, especially when you consider the huge range and variety on offer at Event Hire UK.  From the classic office desks, tables and chairs, through to heating, cooling and water dispensers, for example, Event Hire UK has the variety of product that you need to provide your office space, wherever it is, with that professional and functional finish.

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