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Mobile bar solutions for different events

July 22, 2015

Many events that take place around the country need to hire a mobile bar and there are plenty of companies across the UK who offer mobile bar hire in a variety of different forms.

Some offer mobile bars as complete solutions – that is to say that they provide the bar unit, the staff, the drinks and all the paraphernalia to accompany the bar such as the glasses, ice buckets and so on. For some, this type of mobile bar is very useful as it takes any stress out of hiring a bar. However, do remember that if you go down this route, you will be confined to offering the drinks that the mobile bar company provides, along with having to pay the prices for the drinks that they decide.

Mobile Bar Solutions For Different Events

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are mobile bar companies such as Event Hire UK who offer you the bar units themselves for hire. We have a variety of bar units such as mobile cocktail bars, LED wedding bars, traditional bars and many more where clients can hire a bar and they themselves are able to decide upon the drinks and the prices that they offer. For some, this is also a valuable solution for their specific event.

We have many marquee companies and large event companies benefitting from our mobile bar services. Likewise, members of the public who want that flexibility when it comes to hiring a mobile bar for their event take advantage of the service we offer.

Each event is different. Therefore, hire a mobile bar that is suited to your needs – they are all out there.

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