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Hire screens and room dividers

February 23, 2016

One of the essential elements in our range of barriers and staging hire online here at Event Hire UK are our office screens and room dividers.

In essence, these are square black screens that sit on metal legs, enabling people to divide up temporary office space or provide an element of privacy.  With a height of 1.8m and a width of 1.2m, these are tall enough to provide valuable space options for temporary events.

Hire Office Screens & Room Dividers

You might want to hire room dividers for temporary offices, whether you have a short term office rental lease or even an event office at a temporary airshow or something similar.  Likewise, you might work at a football or rugby club and want to section off certain areas of a large event room on matchdays for an exclusive VIP area.  Or it might be that around election time, you want to provide some privacy for the vote counting – especially poignant at the moment with all the talk of the upcoming EU referendum here in the UK.  All of these are examples of event types which would benefit from hiring space dividers for events.

So, the next time you need to hire office screens, contact the furniture hire UK specialists here at Event Hire UK who are sure to be able to supply you with the quantity of office dividers you need, at an affordable price.

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