Blog post Hire outdoor furniture for your summer event
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Hire outdoor furniture for your summer event

July 6, 2015

With us having the hottest day in 10 years last Wednesday and many parts of the UK being hotter than Spain, Greece and Portugal (yes, but what about the other 364 days of the year!!), you could be forgiven for your thoughts turning to summer garden parties, fetes and carnivals, all of which may well require outdoor furniture hire.

When it comes to hire outdoor furniture, many people immediately think of plastic patio sets.  Indeed, these are after all one of our most popular lines.  However, our range of outdoor furniture is much more than this.

Yes, you may want to hire plastic patio furniture in the form of chairs and table hire, but have you also considered hardwood patio tables and chairs - these top quality pieces of garden furniture for hire look fantastic at any outdoor event for which you need to provide tables and chairs for your guests.

In a similar vein, you might want to also hire picnic benches, of which we have two styles, again offering your guests some comfort when enjoying their family picnic at your event.

Then there are the addtional pieces of outdoor furniture that are available, from sun parasols, gazebos, childrens garden furniture hire, patio heaters and so on.  We have also recently expanded our range of outdoor furniture by adding our outdoor rattan furniture set of which we have 4 complete sets including outdoor rattan settees, armchairs and coffee tables.  These are proving to be extremely popular, as event organisers seek to offer their guests comfort at their outdoor event.

So, when it comes to hiring garden furniture for events, look no further than the event hire specialists here at Event Hire UK!

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