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Hire commercial catering equipment

July 22, 2015

Professional caterers up and down the country benefit from the range of commercial catering equipment hire products on offer at Event Hire UK. We have been supplying the professional catering industry for over 10 years and it is this wealth of experience and expertise that caterers also find invaluable.

Hire Commercial Catering Equipment

If you need to hire commercial catering equipment, from gas burners, fridges, freezers and hot holding cupboards right through to serving dishes, lazy susans and water boilers, then you are in the right place.

And don’t think that our catering equipment products are solely used for hire to professional catering companies – members of the public can also benefit from our state of the art catering equipment products for their often smaller scale events.

Many of our products are available in both the gas and electric versions to provide you with the ultimate in choice, depending upon the location of your event and your access to power. We can also sell you the propane gas to accompany your catering hire equipment if needs be, so once again another example of Event Hire UK providing you with the complete one-stop-shop service offering.

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