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Wine Tasting Glass Hire


ISO Glass  


Wine Tasting Glass Hire

An integral part of your wine tasting event is of course the wine tasting glasses which you can hire here.  ISO wine tasting glasses are generally perceived to be the standard for professional wine tasting, with ISO standing for International Standards Organisation.  The glass resembles the shape of a tulip on a short stem and allows the wine to be swilled around the glass prior to tasting.  

You can be sure that when you hire wine tasting glasses from Event Hire UKthat they come delivered to you in immaculate condition, table-ready for your wine tasting event.

Hire ISO Wine Tasting Glasses From The Premier Supplier Of Wine Tasting Event Equipment In The UK

Hire Wine Tasting Glasses

We have years of experience in hiring wine glasses to events of wine tasting in London and across the UK - we will work together with you to provide you with the complete package of wine tasting glasses and accessories for hire as we are a one-stop-shop for all your requirements.  

See our gallery page for pictures of wine tasting events we have hired glasses for and we are proud to have many satisfied customers who provide us with testimonials about the quality and care of service we provide for major events, so contact us today - we would be delighted to help!

ISO Glass Hire


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