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Post & Rope Hire


Red Barrier Rope  

Price from £6.00 (+ VAT)

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Blue Barrier Rope  

Price from £6.00 (+ VAT)

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Black Barrier Rope  

Price from £6.00 (+ VAT)

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Chrome Barrier Post  

Price from £12.00 (+ VAT)

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Gold Barrier Post  

Price from £15.00 (+ VAT)

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Hiring posts and ropes from Event Hire UK is simple and straightforward, as you would expect it to be from a UK award winning hire company. As well as chrome barrier posts to hire, you can also hire red, blue or black ropes for your event.

VIP barriers ropes and posts

Transform Your VIP Event At Affordable Prices With Post & Rope Hire

Every person who is organising any kind of event wants their event – and their guests – to feel special. Whether this is a gala dinner, society ball, awards ceremony or other large event, or simply a birthday party, anniversary or other private family celebration at home. This look and feel for your event can be easily achieved by hiring chrome posts and ropes. These are what you see at the entrance to night clubs, or outside the Odeon Leicester Square on film premiere nights, where celebrities and film stars are walking down the red carpet.

Due to the fact that Event Hire UK is a one stop shop for all your event hire requirements, chrome posts and ropes are an easy tag-on to your order at affordable prices. You can select the colour of your rope and so you can tie this in to your event.

So, whether you want to hire chrome posts and ropes for the entrance to your wedding marquee, or rent posts and ropes for your exhibition stand in the colour that matches your corporate logo and branding, or whether you simply want to create that red carpet look, hire ropes and chrome posts from Event Hire UK and enjoy that VIP look and style for your special event.

VIP Barriers

Ropes And Post Hire For Corporate Events

Everyone likes to feel special and so whatever your event, hire ropes and chrome posts to give your guests a stunning welcome.  Not only are they suitable, therefore, for weddings, but also for corporate events such as exhibitions and trade shows.  

As a company, when you have rented exhibition space to show off your company products and so on, you want to make your stand as welcoming and attractive as you possibly can.  This is why many companies hire poseur tables, fridges and coffee makers, for instance, to provide the additional touch for their clients.  At the same time, however, why not hire chrome posts and ropes to really go the extra mile and make your exhibition or trade show stand out from the rest.  

High quality ropes and chrome posts for hire are affordably priced yet, given this price, provide a stunning and welcoming entrance area, whatever your event.

VIP Barrier Hire And Posts & Ropes Hire Is Good For Crowd Management

The fact that you often see chrome posts and ropes outside nightclubs gives you a good indication that actually, as well as providing the VIP look for your event, they are a good crowd and queue management tool. Whilst, of course, chrome post and rope hire does not provide you with effective, sturdy barriers for huge volumes of people, they act as guides for people to show them where to go.

So, for example, you might rent ropes and chrome posts to guide people to an entrance to an airport VIP lounge, or in a shop during the January sale period, and so on. Chrome posts and rope hire is actually more versatile that you might first imagine.

Due to an ever increasing amount of events taking place throughout the year, crowd barrier ropes hire is growing in popularity all the time, as more and more event organisers want to hire VIP barriers to give their event that special WOW factor.  VIP rope hire is available in the colour and in the quantities you need for your event.

VIP rope barriers are used at theatres, museums and other venues where semi permanent barriers are required.  This form of crowd guidance barrier hire or queue control barrier hire means that people can quickly and easily be guided to where you want them to go or, perhaps more importantly, where you DON'T want them to go!  Our post and rope sets for hire are ideal for any type of venue where this needs to take place, with stainless steel posts and rope barriers being highly effective.

Count on Event Hire UK to provide you with first-class levels of customer service that are unrivalled in the UK hire industry, from your initial order process through to accurate and reliable delivery when it comes to ropes and poles and everything else. We have years of experience of supplying clients with hire products in London, the Midlands and the North and would welcome the opportunity to service all your hire equipment needs from our nationwide depots, so why not contact us today!


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