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Parquet Dance Floor Hire


Parquet Dance Floor Set A - 100 Guests  

Price from £287.50 (+ VAT)

Not been rated yet

Parquet Dance Floor Set B - 150 Guests  

Price from £414.00 (+ VAT)

Parquet Dance Floor Set C - 200 Guests  

Price from £563.00 (+ VAT)

Not been rated yet

Parquet Dance Floor Set D - 300 Guests  

Price from £1150.00 (+ VAT)

Not been rated yet

Perfect for hotels, weddings and special occasions, dance floor hire UK from Event Hire is simple and easy.
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Top Quality Wooden Disco Dance Floor Rentals

Our panels are interlocking with aluminium edging which provide a dance area to any dimensions that you need as you hire individual square panels.  These dance floor panels for hire are for indoor use only.  Hiring dance floors, especially around busy Christmas party season is growing all the time, as event organisers seek out that stylish and professional dance floor look for their event.

Parquet Dance Floor Hire Set Up

Parquet Dance Floor Hire Is Suitable For Any Venue

As long as you need to hire dance floors for indoor venues, then they are suitable for almost any event, from weddings through to hotel party nights.  Our parquet dance floor is displayed on our site in a number of different packages to make life simple and straightforward - based on the number of the guests you are expecting, we have produced some recommended configurations and priced up these accordingly.

Parquet Dance Floor Hire For Weddings

However, by the same token, you might want to customise a parquet dance floor to your own specification in terms of size and shape - in other words, you might want to hire a square dance floor or hire a rectangular dance floor.  This is fine - just let us know the dimensions of the area that you want to cover with parquet dance floor at your event and let us know - we will then calculate how many panels you need and the total price.

Parquet Dance Floor Hire Interlocking Panels

Talk to us now - you will receive first class customer service from our dedicated sales team along with professional, friendly, accurate and reliable delivery from our specialist team, which is everything you would rightly expect from an award-winning hire company.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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