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Canape Reception Hire

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Zanzi Range Hire

High quality coloured tasting bowls available for hire in large quantities.

Prices from £0.45 (+ VAT)

Tasting Bowls & Spoon Hire

Tasting bowls, tasting spoons & cutlery to suit any canape occasion.

Prices from £0.24 (+ VAT)
Minerali Glass Plate - Round 890 x

Glass Plates & Bowl Hire

Essential glassware for canape events, available to hire today in large quantities.

Prices from £0.45 (+ VAT)
Serving PlatesPlatters 895

Serving Plate Hire

Huge variety of serving plates of different shapes & sizes, available now!

Prices from £0.50 (+ VAT)

Canape Reception from Event Hire UK

Everyone enjoys a canape reception and here at award-winning Event Hire UK, we can provide you with all the hire products you need to make your event a total success. We offer a complete range of Zanzi products for hire, glass plates and bowls for hire, a quality collection of tasting bowls and spoons for hire along with hire serving plates as the finishing touch for your canape reception event.

Hire Top Quality Canape Event Equipment 

The sign of a well-run, seamless canapé reception event is when the guests are busy socialising and the canapes are a talking point. After a busy conference or exhibition, for example, or in the lead up to a wedding breakfast on the lawn outside the marquee on a warm summer’s day, you want your canapé event to be a huge success. This can be achieved through, of course, ensuring that the canapes you serve are of top quality and secondly, that the crockery and canapé reception hire equipment you use to present the canapes to your guests is the best it can possibly be.

You want your guests to be tasting a wide variety of different, interesting foods, and so choose high quality crockery pieces that are smaller than average such as Zanzi dishes and china tasting dishes. By providing something different to the norm for your canapé reception event, your guests will feel special, in turn making your feel special and contributing to a fantastic event.

And Remember To Hire Glasses!

The fact that most canapé receptions will involve food, the natural progression is that they will also involve some sort of drink and so always remember to hire glasses such as wine glasses and champagne flute hire to accompany your canapé event. By providing your guests with high quality glassware as well as your canapé event hire products, you have given them everything they need to make it a hugely enjoyable event.

Your Canape Reception Equipment Hire Must Be In Good Condition!

We are proud of the fact that all our hire catering equipment is delivered to you in immaculate, pristine condition, ready for use instantly. Our dedicated sales team is on hand to discuss your requirements and take your order, which will then be delivered in a timely and reliable way by our expert logistics team.

You are in safe hands, so contact us today.


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