Blog post Lots of orders for garden furniture hire - let's hope it warms up!
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Lots of orders for garden furniture hire - let's hope it warms up!

June 1, 2015

Well, it's the 1st of June, and most people are still walking around in their winter wardrobe clothes!  The great British weather never fails to disappoint, and temperatures last week during half term week average around the 11 degrees mark, some 6 or 7 degrees lower than the UK average for this time of year.

However, we're pleased to report that this hasn't put people off hiring garden furniture as they look ahead to their summer planned events such as garden parties, outdoor barbeque events, garden fetes and carnivals, for example.  This time of year, we always see an upturn in the patio furniture hire, patio tables, kids garden furniture hire, quick tent hire and parasol hire and, quite sensibly (!) patio heater hire.

Many event hire companies will be able to offer a basic range of patio furniture hire in the form of plastic chairs and tables hire.  Event Hire UK is able to provide not only white plastic garden chairs and tables in great quantities, but also the same in green, as well as being able to hire hardwood patio furniture as an additional alternative.

And don't forget our latest introduction to our outdoor furniture hire range - our outdoor rattan furniture set!

Outdoor Rattan Furniture Hire

If you need to hire patio and garden furniture for your summer event but haven't yet done so, then you need to do this quickly.  Naturally, demand for garden furniture hire products peaks at this time of year, and not all event companies will have the quantities needed to cope with demand.  Event Hire UK has possibly THE largest stock of garden furniture hire products in the country although even our stocks will be heavily drawn upon across the summer months to the point at which availability may become an issue, especially if orders keep flying in the way they currently are.

Therefore, as always with any event hire equipment, try to book ahead as far as you can to ensure you're not disappointed.

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